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Snap Diligence is a simple, yet powerful search tool that allows you to research over 3 million verified Texas business owners, executives and top influencers along with their identified historical litigation adversaries.

This is how we do it.

Texas Business and Litigation Data

  • Business intelligence based on fact, not social media spin
  • Get a snapshot of business holdings and related owners, officers and directors
  • Uncover civil litigation history
  • Connect contacts to see where networks intersect

Millions of Records

Search millions of secretary of state and civil litigation records from one platform.


20 searches per month subscriptions available for $35. Get my free trial now.

Easy to Use

Use a person’s name, business name, or location to search the Snap Diligence data and build a report.

Personal Connections

Upload your own contacts to reveal additional connections. (Your contacts remain private.)

Customized Reports

Create, save, and send reports to colleagues.

Need Support?

We offer search tips and guides in the platform and you can contact us if you need help. Get my free trial now.


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