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The Snap Diligence Proprietary Verification Process Confirms Unique Business Identity

Our customers use Snap Diligence tools for:


Unlike social media, our data can’t be spun. Our unique algorithms are anchored in fact resulting in a verified business identity.

Know Your Customer

Enhance your Know Your Customer program by identifying the litigation and business history of customers, vendors, and business associates. Data is updated regularly.

Due Diligence

Snap Diligence is a powerful tool to augment your research process. Search Texas civil court records and business filings in one platform and generate reports on individuals.

Synthesized Big Data

Snap Diligence aggregates, cleans and matches data from multiple public and private sources on an on-going basis. It is the most current and integrated Texas research tool available.

Network Leverage

Identify connections to business owners, executives and influencers in the Snap Diligence database. Your contacts will remain private.

More Accurate Data

Snap Diligence finds records you simply cannot find on the public data System of Record (SOR) unless you know exactly how your record is mistyped, misplaced, and misclassified. We find records you didn’t know you were missing.


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